Tuesday, April 23, 2019


[theSkinnery] Salima Sorbet (for Catwa) (I am wearing Kimberly) @Soiree
tram G0303 hair
* Belle Epoque* { Isabella } Ice @Fantasy Faire
Eudora3D Jezebel Set (earrings, necklace and wristband) @RFL
.SPELL. Vintage Engagement Ring
DeeTaleZ Body Glitter
[ Dorey Poses ] Freshly Weds (bento couple pose)

.IONIC. The White Chapel RARE
.IONIC. Ceremony Chandelier (Gold)
.IONIC. Hanging Lace Drapes
.IONIC. Cereminy Altar
.IONIC. Altar Rug
.IONIC. Celebration! Balloons
.IONIC. Grab a pair to dance some more!
{anc} MoonLightLounge. Glitter balloons
.IONIC. Ceremony bench (C
.IONIC. Ceremony bench (D
[Black Bantam] Fluffy Kitty V2 Blue Eyes RARE @K9
[Black Bantam] Fluffy Kitty V1 Blue Eyes RARE @K9
.IONIC. Ceremony Table & Chairs
.SPELL. Painted Cupcakes Roses
.IONIC. Candles centerpiece
.IONIC. Polaroid Guestbook
.IONIC. Party Cake [Glaced]
.SPELL. Four layer cream cake
.IONIC. Infused Water
.IONIC. Reception Sign
.IONIC. Cake display
06. Lagom - Moon-Child [ Wall light Scattered ] C/M

Monday, April 22, 2019


[theSkinnery] Tamar sorbet (on Genus baby) @ C88
Noirilicious - Water Shape
[theSkinnery] Maitreya Skin Applier FIT Nip1 - sorbet
tram F1228 hair
* Belle Epoque* { Darkest Night } Rare Dress @Epiphany
* Belle Epoque* { Darkest Night } Hat Black @Epiphany
* Belle Epoque* { Darkest Night } Gloves Black @Epiphany
[Black Bantam] I Dun Like You Chihuahua Female Tan Rare

[theSkinnery] Dirce sorbet (on Genus baby)
[theSkinnery] Maitreya Skin Applier SLIM Nip1 - sorbet
tram F1124 hair1
* Belle Epoque* { Darkest Night } Dress White @Epiphany
* Belle Epoque* { Darkest Night } Shoes White @Epiphany
* Belle Epoque* { Darkest Night } Shades @Epiphany
* Belle Epoque* { Darkest Night } Necklace @Epiphany
[Black Bantam] Cutie Sphynx Kitten
Poses by me

.IONIC.: Espirita Mansion RARE
.IONIC.: 19th Century Bookcase
.IONIC.: Erzsebet Bathory showcase collector - RARE
.IONIC.: Galileo's telescope
.IONIC.: Cauldron
.SPELL.: Magical Lantern - Decor
.IONIC.: Mushrooms Pot
.IONIC.: Ritual White Candle
.IONIC.: Butterfly in a dome {small}
.IONIC.: Botanical & Alchemy Arts {Book & Prints}
.IONIC.: Iron chair
.IONIC.: Ancient open book {auryn }
.IONIC.: Tea with herbs
.IONIC.: Brujas {Table set} Light Wood
.IONIC.: White Candelabrum
.IONIC.: Ancient open book {alchemy}
.SPELL.: Herbs Ritual
.IONIC.: Ancient book {mysteries}
.IONIC.: Mortar & Herbs
.IONIC.: Ancient Blood Samples
.IONIC.: Pendulo (Gold)
.IONIC.: Jewelled Skull
.SPELL.: Sacred Runes
.IONIC.: Victorian Crystal Ball
.IONIC.: Ancient open book {astronomy}
.IONIC.: Forest Potion
.IONIC.: Butterfly in a dome {big}
.IONIC.: Vintage keys - gold -
.SPELL.: The Eye
.IONIC.: Antique Keys
.IONIC.: Magic flowers
.IONIC.: Antique books & iron table
.SPELL.: Healing Crystals {gold}
.IONIC.: Spiritism Table
.SPELL.: Memories
.IONIC.: Candelabros
.IONIC.: Orrery
Apple Fall Amelie Magnifiers Gift
.IONIC.: 19th Century Chair
.IONIC.: Ancient Vane
.IONIC.: 1900 Baby Carriage
.IONIC.: Victorian Frame (Gold)

Saturday, April 20, 2019


[theSkinnery] Tamar (Genus) sorbet (on Genus baby) @ C88
Noirilicious - Water Shape
[theSkinnery] Maitreya Skin Applier FIT Nip1 - sorbet
.Entwined. Lexie (gacha rare)
paper.arrow beach.tank white
Casse lustre . Fur jacket Gift
*UW* - Glow Pant (F) (White) Gift
Momento. Combat flight boots
SORGO- Jacques Shades / CLEAR (G)
[Black Bantam] My Anime Hot Dog
Yokai - Pearl love earrings Gift
((Mister Razzor)) Frida Tattoo - 75% - Upper Omega Gift
Poses by me

.IONIC.: The Shore House - RARE
.IONIC.: Fiesta Mic
.IONIC.: LesPaul & Amp
.IONIC.: Floor lanterns
.IONIC.: Messing me around [poster]
SORGO- Mini Radio RARE
Apple Fall Whisky Decanter Gift
Seven Emporium- Wall AC Unit (Inside)
Seven Emporium- Lets Get Physical Neon BLUE - Solid
Seven Emporium- Lets Get Physical Neon PURPLE - Solid
.IONIC.: Cactus lamp
.IONIC.: Vintage Drumset
.IONIC.: Dining table & chairs
SORGO- Grooming Kit
SORGO- Wireless Headphones
SORGO- Selfie Stick
SORGO- Vapcig
SORGO- B Knuckles / Steel