Friday, November 8, 2019

I’ll be charging through your dreams.

[theSkinnery] Ivie (Catwa - shown on Kimberly) peach @UBER
Izzie's - Neva Eyes (autumnal) @TLC
Sorumin01 RARE Cookies mood GACHA -Sweet sweater- Maitreya/Legacy @Gacha Garden
Sorumin05 Cookies mood GACHA -Brown shoes- Maitreya/Legacy @Gacha Garden
[ILAYA] Lukida Earrings @UBER
Sorumin03 Cookies mood GACHA -Cookie- (in mouth) @Gacha Garden
ASO!Neko Bag Gift @SaNaRae

Single poses: GingerFish - Cold Little Heart stand @TLC

ionic: Picnic table (desert party gacha)
ionic: Picnic basket (desert party gacha)
Soy. Plastic Kitchen Case & Cups @K9 gift
Kalopsia - Farm Fresh Vase (brown) @K9 gift
..::THOR::.. white mug with lighter @K9 gift
[DD] Rolling Pastry @TLC
[DD] Box of Biscuits @TLC
[DD] Apple and Cherry Pies @TLC
ionic: Flowers in December (Flowers in December gacha)

Cheeky Pea Campbell Lake Cottage
GOOSE - Old Bridge @TLC
.SPELL. Bike -Plants & Books - RARE (Noviembre gacha)
Sari-Sari- Gardener's Step Ladder
Sari-Sari- Hollow Log
ionic: Desert camping cart (B) RARE (desert party gacha)
.SPELL. Forest Mushroom log (Noviembre gacha)
ionic: Desert paper lantern (desert party gacha)
.SPELL. Small magic mushrooms - White (Noviembre gacha)
.SPELL. Red Apples (Noviembre gacha)
Apple Fall Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
[Black Bantam] Pretty Chihuahua V2 Rez Boy
All landscaping items: Little Branch and [we're CLOSED]

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