Friday, March 3, 2017

The monster's running wild inside of me.

Wearing: (landmarks on the side bar)
tram G0215 hair Hud C (at Uber)
Pink Acid Catwa Kappukeki Glitter Gloss Applier Pink
:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier Una eyeshadow [make-up]
[The Forge] & EZ Akira Kimono Set (ninja star, bra, floating lanterns, neck ribbon and panties)
[The Forge] & EZ Akira Kimono, Colours, Maitreya RARE
[The Forge] & EZ Akira Katana, Prints, RARE C
[The Forge] & EZ Diva Boots

[NANI] Albino.Lens Gift
:: MOMOCHUU :: blusher & Eyelashes Gift
:: Axix :: Bleeding Nose v1
Fleur Du Mal {A2} - Tattoo (Enfer Sombre)
[Mello] Sweetie Burn Marks Omega Only RARE
Evermore - Alice Pearl

Furniture & Decor: (landmarks on the side bar)

*ionic* Erzsebet Bathory showcase collector - RARE
*ionic* Galileo's telescope
[ keke ] waterfall glitter big - white
[what next} 'Spring Bloom' Tulip Planter (white.purple) FLF
BUENO-Steel Stool Decay (The Arcade gacha)
*ionic* Orrery
BUENO-Industry Bed- RARE (The Arcade gacha)
*ionic* Black candelabrum
BUENO- Laptop Blessed (The Arcade gacha)
*ionic* Butterfly in a dome {small}
*ionic* Ancient book {mysteries}
*ionic* Ancient Vane
BUENO-Silence Chair (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO-Tape set Conspiracy (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO-Skull Pop Deco (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO- Decay Lockers (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO- Bike -Decay (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO-Photo Printer Conspiracy (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO Suitcase Loveseat - Decay (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO- Vintage Stereo Conspiracy (The Arcade gacha)
BUENO-Headphones Passport Deco (The Arcade gacha)

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