Saturday, March 4, 2017

Her eyes are full of language.

Featuring (links on the side bar of the blog)
MURRAY- SKT10 // Bella Face
MURRAY- SKT10-30 // Bella Light Lipsticks
MURRAY- SKT10-30 // Eyeshadow Set 01
MURRAY- Rosie Hair // HUD / Light Browns
[The Forge] Xanthe, White
SPELL : Andromeda Tiara
SPELL : Vega Necklace
SPELL : Third eye Moon {silver}
an lar [poses] The Gabriel Series @ Crossroads

DeeTaleZ Mesh Freckles Layer

Home decor ((links on the side bar of the blog)
ionic : Spirit House RARE @Chapter Four
SPELL : Quartzs string
[what next} 'Spring Bloom' Tulip Planter (white.purple)
SPELL : Portals to other dimensions
SPELL : Forest Cooking Campfire - RARE
SPELL : Nebulosa {Perseus} + SPELL : Nebulosa {Leia}

Trees Little Branch
Grass and bushes [we're CLOSED]

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