Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gets better everyday I stay, with you it's like a dream..

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[theSkinnery] Devon milk (for Catwa)
[theSkinnery] The Lyre Brows
[theSkinnery] Maitreya Freckles Applier 1
tram G0310 hair Hud A @UBER
*MC* Brooke Jersey Dress / Floral
-Thalia Heckroth- Mattea Patent Leather Heels Air (MTRYA) @Shoetopia
*MC* #15 Spring Finds - Bloom Choker Babyblue @Arcade
*MC* #20 Spring Finds - Sunglasses White @Arcade
*MC* #6 Spring Finds - Tassel Earrings Turquoise @Arcade
Amala - The Atara Stacking Rings
Amala - Heart Bracelet - Silver
2:00 PM. Jelly watch Mint
an lar [poses] The Aurora Series @Sanarae

Babies and Pets: (sponsor's links on the side bar)
[Black Bantam] Baby Yukiko Polka 01 @K9
[Black Bantam] Baby Takeo Dino 01 @K9
Pink Acid Busy Kitten Female Orange 2 RARE
[Black Bantam] Little Boy Justin White 01 @N21
[Black Bantam] Little Boy Justin Gray 01 @N21
[Black Bantam] Little Boy Justin Brown 01 @N21
[Black Bantam] Dorbert Visits The Yellow Brick Road Basket

*ionic* La Cafeteria RARE

*ionic* Worktop
ionic : Curry and Spinach Tofu Balls
ionic : Blueberry Pancake
ionic : Tea cookies
*ionic* Spanish Sweets
ionic : crema de calabacin
*ionic* Cafeteria Menu
*ionic* Frozen leaves
*ionic* Cafeteria Glass Table
ionic : Party Cake [Glaced]
*ionic* Cafeteria Glass Chair
*ionic* Hanging Plant
*ionic* Shelf (glass and wood)
SPELL : Origami Birdcage RARE
*ionic* Eggs!
ionic : Blueberry Pancake
[ keke ] hard to find bowl w lemons - mint
KKS lace curtain 2 - Straight

*ionic* Cafeteria Counter
*ionic* Cafeteria Stool
[ keke ] hanger art horizontal - mineral 2
ionic : leche en botellas
[ keke ] hard to find cup 2 - mint
*ionic* Coffee Machine
ionic : Winter Tea Bags
[ keke ] hard to find cups
ionic : Milk and Donuts (Frozen)
[Merak] - Drying Chillies
[Merak] - Hanging Garlic
*ionic* Bread slices
*ionic* Cash Register
ionic : Hot Chocolate Dispenser
[Merak] - Coffe Corner
[ keke ] photo clipped flower print 1
ionic : leche con rosquillas

ionic : Velvet Sofa (Serenity)
ionic : Winter tote bag (b)
[Merak] - Notepad Desk clutter
Toiz. 5. juice menu 2
*ionic* Fruit Shelf
*ionic* Scales with Lemon
Toiz. 3. blender
Toiz. 2. cups
[Toiz] 2. syrup
*ionic* Orange juicer
[Toiz] 9. kakigori deco (ichigo)

*ionic* Rustic table {white}
[ keke ] bottled roses - tea green
[ keke ] hard to find cream & sugar - mint
*ionic* bear mug & books
*ionic* HotCoco
*ionic* Tea with herbs
*ionic* Cookies
*ionic* Planter Shelf
ionic : Winter Lights
ionic : Ladder Books
*ionic* Antique chair {ivory}
*ionic* Cafeteria Wooden Chair
ionic : Rosas
*ionic* Pizza!

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