Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm always in the shadow of your heart.

tram F1201 hair / HUD-B
fame femme : Tina Sweater - White
BUENO Una Jeans (no pockets) - Gray Blue [fitted] @ UBER
::C'est la vie !:: Lea socks / Group gift
[BREATHE]-Umma Heels
[Black Bantam] Dorbert The Doggy
an lar [poses] The Duchess Series

[ba] gansevoort house + [ba] snow kit
{what next} Penryn Arbour Seat (no deck) @ C88
[CIRCA] "Starlight" Candle Lantern w/ Ground Hook - Silver

{what next} Amelie Tall Chest of Drawers
Amala - Antique Jug of Flowers - White
{what next} Amelie Blanket Box
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Par Amour Set - books laced
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Par Amour Set - tea cup
Concept Kizi Red Carpet @ C88
Concept Kizi Fireplace - PG @ C88
Concept Kizi Red Pots @ C88
[Merak] Deco Console Table @ TLC
[Merak] Plate with accessories + wearable keys @ TLC
{what next} Small Crown Lantern (cream)
Raindale ~ Sheer Curtain ~ Gift
Concept Kizi Lamp Short @ C88
Concept Kizi White Bench - PG @ C88

[Merak] Recycled Desk
Serenity Style Nostalgia Book
DYNASTY Shanghai Escape - Calligraphy Set EXCLUSIVE
Serenity Style Vintage Games Wallart RARE
7 -Seven Emporium Atomic Commision Sign
[Merak] Cozy Sofa
::KKs:: Knick Knacks Par Amour Set - pile of pillows
DYNASTY Silver Safety Vaults (Group)
7 -Seven Emporium Portable TV
7 -Seven Emporium Peepshow Neon
7 -Seven Emporium Space Heater PH-2298A-02

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