Monday, July 18, 2016

Home Sweet Home.

*ionic* Minimal Needs House - RARE at TC4
Little Branch BuckThorn{4Seasons)
Little Branch Daisy{Rounded-Field} at On9
[we're CLOSED] grass fields and flowers
Kalopsia - Lilo's Wire Cactus at TC4
Pewpew! Broken Woodbox Stack at Crossroads
Pewpew! Broken Hanger - White (6 Textures) at Shiny Shabby
[Black Bantam] Diva Dog Shih Tzu - Reddish
[Black Bantam] Standard Standing Male Poodle Black RARE
*ionic* minimal needs : Ivy Divider at TC4
*ionic* minimal needs : Small Greenhouse at TC4
Pink Acid Busy Kitten Male Orange 1 RARE
*ionic* minimal needs : Pallet Plants Shelf at TC4
Little Branch HoneyMesquite{4seasons} at On9

Soy. Water Dispenser [Ivory] and bottles at TMD
*ionic* minimal needs : Kitchen Module at TC4
BALACLAVA!! Lazy Meals - Microwave Oven
[ keke ] hard to find bowls - mint
Sequel - Ojai Candle Holder - CTall - Teal at TC4
Bixty Juice Master Mint
Bixty Kettle & Electric Heater
*ionic* minimal needs : Table at TC4
*ionic* where is my Take away Chinese vegan food?
[ keke ] hard to find cup 2
*ionic* where are my dishes?
Bixty Oranges Plate
*ionic* minimal needs : Stool ( Wood) at TC4
{ what next } Photo Frame 1 at C88
Pewpew! Pallet Frames - Sea Side at Shiny Shabby
.ETHEREAL. Delicate Kitchen - SINK BEIGE at {Dreamful}
.ETHEREAL. Delicate Kitchen - OVEN BEIGE at {Dreamful}
.ETHEREAL. Delicate Kitchen - CUPBOARD BEIGE (Left) at {Dreamful}
.ETHEREAL. Retro Refrigerator - MINT at {Dreamful}
[ keke ] hard to find cream & sugar
[ keke ] hard to find bowl w lemons
Pewpew! Wall Plank - Summer at Crossroads
[ keke ] potted mint 2
ChiMia:: Blackboard Organiser

Pewpew! Pallet Bed - White at Shiny Shabby
Pewpew! Messy Cover White - 02 at Shiny Shabby
Pewpew! Little Whale - Blue
::KKs:: 1001 nuits - carpet
- Mori. table 950
Fiasco - Cactus Lamp Green at TLC
Pewpew! Apocalypse Plane Frame at Crossroads
::KKs:: 1001 nuits - lace curtain
Pewpew! Door Frames Mess - Sea at Crossroads
Ariskea[GypsySoul] DreamCatcher at TLC
::KKs:: boho life - mandala pillows

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