Monday, May 9, 2016

Home ~ My coffee place.

*ionic* where is my house? RARE at The Chapter Four
[we're CLOSED] trees
[CIRCA] "Cafe Volo" Tall Table - Red/Teak (15 pos)aa at SWANK Event
[CIRCA] "Cafe Volo" Flower Vase & Shakers1 - Orange at SWANK Event
.02 [ kunst ] - Cell planter #2 RARE at The Chapter Four
TA Coffee Grinder
[ dynasty ] The Care Package - Tea
Soy. Cup of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove
[CIRCA] "Cafe Volo" Tall Seat A - Teak/Red (16 pos) at SWANK Event
*ionic* Traveller's backpack {brown}
[CIRCA] Coffee Chalk Art - Sign - "Hot Coffee Cup" (w/ chgr) at SWANK Event
[CIRCA] Coffee Chalk Art - Sign - "Fresh Brewed" (w/ chgr) at SWANK Event
Seven EmporiumBrooklyn Battery
Seven EmporiumCigarette Machine A-09-100
Seven EmporiumColor Archery Target - Framed
Seven EmporiumSTR-107 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
Thunk! Vintage Home Studio Drumset
Kalopsia - Emily's Hanging Planter at The Chapter Four
*ionic* Antique microphone
Seven EmporiumPaper Target - Framed
[ keke ] desk chair
[CIRCA] Cocktail Chalk Art - Sign - "Shots Menu" (w/ chgr) at SWANK Event
Seven EmporiumPhrenology Poster

Seven EmporiumPiano PE-9A-W 1946 - Humanoid Edition
[Black Bantam] Holiday Candle - Gold
ANE SLON SET - Coffee (1Li)
Elysium - Hornbaek chair - soft turquoise at The Chapter Four
*ionic* where is my plant?
MudHoney TV Tray - White at FaMESHed
-DoubleD- Moka Coffee
Di'Cor London Underground Rug
Di'Cor Charles Sofa [Adult]
[CIRCA] "Cafe Volo" Neon Coffee Sign at SWANK Event
Di'Cor Charles Floor Lamp

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