Friday, June 27, 2014

Exist with me. We’d do so beautifully..

[the Skinnery] Madge - Glam Party (champagne) at Rhapsody (starts the 28th)
[the Skinnery] Diva Blush at Rhapsody
[the Skinnery] Waterline eyeliner at Rhapsody
[the Skinnery] Bushy Brows (tattoo+installers) at Rhapsody
[okkbye] Cosmetics - Freckles & Moles
[okkbye] Cosmetics - Gingerly Freckles
Pink Acid Mascara On My Lashes Top Alpha Eyelashes
[Buzz] SpringFaerie Eyes
[the Skinnery] Human Ears (mesh)
little bones. Crystallized Reds at Kustom9
**Honey*Soul Disco Dress (Jackie)-Blue at Rhapsody
{Imeka~} poses

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