Sunday, May 18, 2014

Old flame, you're still the one that holds me..

[the Skinnery] Valerie - Bare face(milk) NB CL2 (all appliers available)
[the Skinnery] Xiao - cat eyeliner and freckles
[the Skinnery] Natural Brows 3 - Confident - blonde
Clemmm - Dark Chic Circus Lashes
[Buzz] Faerie Eyes - Forrest
[the Skinnery] Human Ears (mesh)
~WowMeh - body + [the Skinnery] applier
Amala Alyssa Glasses - Clear - Lilac
[Atooly] Summer Flower Earrings- Lavender
[The Forge] & EZ Colure Ring
BehaviorBody-Sitting-7 pose

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