Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My pounding heartbeat thunders like a drum..

Egozy. Anjali (Pale).SOFT
[okkbye] Cosmetics - Beautymarks - All
[okkbye] Cosmetics - Soft Freckles [MEDIUM & DARK]
*Milk* Hair~ Star Child
Egozy. Mesh Ears Left (Pale)
Slink mesh hands
!APHORISM! Chainmail Tunic - Silver - XS - Female - RARE at Fantasy Gacha
*OAL* Ashley Skirt ~ Harvest at We Love Roleplay!
!APHORISM! The Winged Viking Gold - RARE at Fantasy Gacha
~Alchemy~ Ritual Armor - Onyx at We Love Roleplay!
The Annex Filigree Knuckle Ring - Gold & Sapphire at Fantasy Gacha
[The Forge] & EZ Leg Dagger, Female, Brown (on arm) at Fantasy Gacha
Eudora 3D Runes of the North Bracelet at We Love Roleplay!
[The Forge] & EZ Face Art - Black at We Love Roleplay!
Le Poppycock unisex and masculine poses

-NIVARO- Rupert Skin - creamtone - trailhair_stubble_hair
*Dura* Boys&Girls*51 (Dark Brown)
Slink mesh hands
Peqe - Tunic of Horlow_Noble Grey at We Love Roleplay!
.:SF:. "Mirdain" Elvensmith Leggings (M) - Azure
*[MeshedUp]* Helmet Night at Fantasy Gacha
*[MeshedUp]* Gorget Night MALE at Fantasy Gacha
*[MeshedUp]* Gauntlets_Night at Fantasy Gacha
*[MeshedUp]* Armlets Night at Fantasy Gacha
*[MeshedUp]* Skull Shield (Sheath)
~Alchemy~ Drengr Grimmr Axe - ULTRA RARE at Fantasy Gacha

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