Friday, May 16, 2014

It's called love, and it's the only thing that's worth living for..

CnS e-motion - Together at The Liaison Collaborative

-NIVARO- Rupert Skin - creamtone - trailhair_stubble_hair
AITUI TATTOO - Forthcoming [Faded] Tattoo
~monkey house~ Maori Tattoo
::C'est la vie !:: x GLOW ::porkpie hat (Jet Black)
Slink mesh hands and feet
D R O P . Male Marin Tee (Mint) at Kustom9
Wimey: Men's Sainte-Helene Shorts in Khaki at The Liaison Collaborative
FLite. -Bahama Desert Sandals at The Men's Dept
* S O R G O - RACK Shades - DARK (SG) at Kustom9
HERMONY Ultimate Cigarette + CigarettePack
* SORGO - Misbaha / WOOD necklaces

. Infiniti . - The View - Couples Pose at The Liaison Collaborative

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