Tuesday, April 29, 2014

White lies.

[PF] Pink Fuel Doll Porcelain - Love Donna Flora (dkbrow)
*Dura* Girl*53(Strawberry)
Slink mesh hands and feet
Overhigh Tank Top Burger - Sia
[ dynasty ] - Suspender Jeans - Dark Blue at Mens Wear Fashion Week
Eudora 3D Huxley Stilettos BBG (for Slink high feet)
O.M.E.N - Sleeping Beauty's Pendant - Shell (Enchantment Prizes)
Amala - Celeste Sunglasses - Green (soon at The Chapter Four)
Poses Le Poppycock & Sari-Sari

-NIVARO- Rupert Skin - creamtone - trailhair_stubble_hair
*Dura* Boys&Girls*51 (Dark Brown)resize
Slink mesh hands
::K:: My Daily Tank Top (red version is group gift!)
[ dynasty ] - Suspender Jeans - Black at Mens Wear Fashion Week
Eudora 3D Inmortal Hi-Tops 10L$
= REBELLION = Aviator sunglasses Group Gift
.Renegade. Triple Command Necklace. Onyx
{theosophy} Beer Bottles
Poses ZZANG & Inertia

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