Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Champion of justice!

[PF] Pink Fuel Sora Peach - Flushed
[Buzz] Natalia Eyebrow - Tintable
+Half-Deer+ Faun Face v.2 - Type A - No Nose
.Olive. the Shiny Moon Hair - Tasty Pastels (Cutie Moon Fair)
Slink mesh hands
[monso] My School Look - Blazer (with HUD)
-ATTIC- Doccish Boots white
"tSg" Kawaii Socks/Pink + (fd) Bossy Boots Socks - White
[Atooly] Starry Fairy Princess Wand - Purple/White (Fit for a Princess Event)
.Birdy. / ~Alchemy~  {Kittens & Wand} (Cutie Moon Fair)
{Yummy Risu~ Candy} Tail .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..  (soon at We Love Roleplay!)
.Tokame. Bunny Backpack Pink Plaid [NP]
[Atooly] Fairy Princess Poses (Fit for a Princess Event)
Kuro in Motion pose (on flickr)

+Half-Deer+ Cloud Trees at Home Show
+Half-Deer+ Deers (static & animated version) at Home Show

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