Thursday, March 20, 2014

No love, no light, no end inside..

.la petite morte. mellie t1 NB (appliers available) at the Skin Fair
[Buzz] Sweetheart Lips - Tone #1 - Oceana at the Skin Fair
[Buzz] Natalia Eyebrow - Tintable at the Skin Fair
#adored - under the sea - eyeshadow at Genre
a: mermaid havila eyes: aqua: MESH (Full Bright) at Genre
MINA - Nanda BB hair at We Love Roleplay!
Slink mesh hands
*S-A F* Pearly Shine (tips) mani (Nail Salon) at Genre
Peqe - Highgarden (white) at We Love Roleplay!
Earrings and bracelets from ~Soedara~ Wicapi Wakan Dress {Wood Brown} outfit at We Love Roleplay!
[The Forge] & EZ Feather Collar, Silver at We Love Roleplay!
:[P]:-The Plastik Living Light Horns [Complete]:// Heaven
Frogstar - Deepsea Ring (Seaweed) at Genre
[The Forge] & EZ Celtic Bangles
Kuro in Motion Poser Pavilion at The Liaison Collaborative
RACK Poses - Adaline Pose Set - Poser Pavilion at The Liaison Collaborative

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