Monday, March 17, 2014

Home ~ The Cordelia House

Alouette The Cordelia House (Home Show -April)
Alouette Weathered Greenhouse

[we're CLOSED] grass field lush
[we're CLOSED] rocks mossy
[we're CLOSED] wood hammock light
[we're CLOSED] wild flowers
{what next} Homely Washing Line gacha Arcade

Hideki - Bike
[CIRCA] "Verona" Tropical Fern Planter 1
Rustica - Mesh Houseplant
Sway's [Zwerg] Garden Gnome
{what next} Mini Lantern String Lights (gold) non-scripted
{what next} Bramley Bench (Rustic Fall)

{what next} Garden Broom Decor gacha Arcade
Sway's Stump [Birds]
[we're CLOSED] park bench wool blanket brown
{vespertine - original beer crate filled}
[we're CLOSED] paper lanterns sky branch lights

[we're CLOSED] trees bare
[we're CLOSED] branch bare
[we're CLOSED] old ladder light Group Gift
[we're CLOSED] party lights

Kuro String lights curtain (white) Brighter
{theosophy} Oakenholt Lamp (Bronze)
{theosophy} Cheriton Side Table (Gold)
{theosophy} Godre'r Telescope (Gold)
{theosophy} Gazelle Sculpture (Porcelain)
*bbqq* Trolley-A-gold
{theosophy} Billyballs (Gold)

Sari-Sari Pinoy-themed Frame
*ionic* Waiting for your call
Kuro Feels like heaven (pillows)
*ionic* animals are my friends (sofa)
Kuro Feels like heaven (tea)
[we're CLOSED] fur carpet cream
*ionic* Lemuria
*ionic* flower drawers
Sari-Sari Antique Drawer

Hideki - Rustic bed
Hideki - Rustic lamp
*ionic* many little secrets
[we're CLOSED] linen rug stripe blue
Seven Emporium Scoreboard (changeable)
*ionic* Oihane
*ionic* la mesa de madera
*ionic* MAI chair -chocolate-
Sari-Sari Scale with Books
Sari-Sari Mason Jars & Notepad
oyasumi moskin
CHEZ MOI Flower & Book Lullaby
CHEZ MOI Bitsie Cactus Vase
oyasumi papstack printed thin
oyasumi papstack unwritten thick
oyasumi inkwell open
oyasumi black fountpen

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