Friday, March 14, 2014

Home ~ The 5th. Ave. Apartment

[ba] barnesworth anubis 5th ave skybox w/ backdrop (5 rooms and bathroom. comes with fireplace)

+CONVAIR+ Minimalist Bedroom Set (bed, table, dresser, lamp, bench, rug) dark adult soon at The Liaison Collaborative
[CIRCA] :WillowLand: Lounge Tray - Purple & Orange Group Gift
+Half-Deer+ Silk and Pearls Chair - Snow COLL88
[CIRCA] "Niven" Tropical Planter
[CIRCA] :WillowLand: WallArt Branch with Rollar Birds
[ContraptioN] Decor: Two Odd Skulls Group Gift
Kuro Rosa chair

[CIRCA] "Enchanted Meadow" - Fae Vanity Table - Skye
[CIRCA] Classic Vanity - Make-Up Organizer & Mirror -Blossom
[CIRCA] "Enchanted Meadow" - Fae Vanity Seat - Skye

Trompe Loeil Louis Chair Blue Ornate 1 (adult and pg versions)
Trompe Loeil Trunktable Brown Leather

Kuro Office couch (adult and pg versions)
Kuro My favorite desk (Animated)
Kuro Spring chair (Lazy Sunday + Theme Park)
Kuro Desk lamp
Kuro Spring (Lazy Sunday + Theme Park)

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