Friday, March 14, 2014

Even Dirty Harry was allowed to make mistakes..

{Dead Apples} Ari - Honey (appliers available) at the Skin Fair ~ March 14th-30th)
{Dead Apples} Ari - Heavy Freckles - Face (Tintable)
{Dead Apples} Ari - Body Freckles (Tintable)
{Dead Apples} Ari - Rounder Cheeks (Tintable)
{Dead Apples} Ari Lips V2 - Cold (Honey)
Clemmm - Dark Chic Circus Lashes Gift at the Skin Fair ~ March 14th-30th)
{Dead Apples} Mesh - Striking Eyes - Deep Tan
.Olive. the Flutter Hair - Greyscaled (Arcade)
Slink mesh hands
:[P]:-The Plastik Morrigan complete outfit (shoes and lots of accessories included) FLF
PFC~War Kitten - Wings (part of outfit) at We Love Roleplay!
[LJ] Oceanic Trident - Crustacio (March's Genre opens the 15th)
!bang huntress poses at We Love Roleplay!

Seven Emporium Scoreboard (2 versions: bulbs on/off and changable scores) FLF
Seven Emporium Gasoline Lamp (bulb on/off) FLF
oyasumi workchair / black
MudHoney Cactus Plant
MudHoney Benson Chair
MudHoney Benson Rug

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