Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let's talk shoes...

I often get asked about shoes ... so here I made a little special edition.. all about SHOES!
These are some of my favourites new shoes around SL.

Eudora 3D Kaede Wedges (no feet required)
!APHORISM! ROUGH RIDER BOOTS BROWN (no feet required) at The Pier Market
Eudora 3D Shelley Boots Steampunk Edition 21S Coffee&Cream for the 21 Shoe Event (these shoes will only be sold during 24 hours) (no feet required)

SIX BOIS Delancy Heels ~ Pink (Slink Medium Feet)
Eudora 3D Akhesa Wedges (Slink Medium Feet)
{Mango Cheeks} Brooke Heels: Pastel Pack (Slink Medium Feet) at Kustom9

::LC:: Street Bootie Metalic Gold (Slink Medium Feet) at Kustom9
::LC:: Working Girl Pump Powder Blue (Slink Medium Feet) at Kustom9
Eudora 3D Weston Pumps (Slink High Feet)

-FAUN- Kult Platform Heel -Metallic Pack- (Slink Medium Feet) at Kustom9
ieQED (Slink Medium Feet)
[tea.s] Jasmine Fuchsia v2 (Slink Flat Feet)

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