Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Sweet Home ~ The Living Room

*bbqq* Butterfly Sewing Machine-Clean
Kuro String lights curtain (white) Brighter
*ionic* I hear her voice frame (for Luke gacha)
*ionic* flower drawers
*ionic* run into the trees frame (for Luke gacha)
*ionic* Seven suns away (azulito) (for Luke gacha)
Silo - Pug v0.3 Gift
*ionic* Little love & happiness... that's all (desk and decorations) (for Luke gacha)
*ionic* Lemuria (for Luke gacha)
*ionic* animals are my friends (sofa) (for Luke gacha)
Sari-Sari Pinoy-themed Frame
[we're CLOSED] party lights L2
CHEZ MOI Bitsie Carpet Duocolor
Kuro Feels like heaven (pillows)
*ionic* Waiting for your call (inspire gacha)
Kuro Feels like heaven ladder
Kuro Feels like heaven (tea+book)
Sari-Sari Antique Drawer
*ionic* Victorian chair (ocean) (inspire gacha)

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