Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kustom 9

.Birdy. Devon Skin TCF ~Pure~ (Natural) RARE gacha at TC4
Pink Acid Roxanne Eyeliner + Lashes
.tsg. Awake Hazel eyes
Action Slink Nails PreFall 2013 hud
[INK] Hair___DUDA ::Baige at TC4
/// offbeat /// falling layered shirts at Kustom 9
[mon ami] Torn Denim Skirt at TC4
:::LP::: Glam_Studded Sneakers [White] at Kustom 9
FAUX - Floral Thigh Highs (White) at Kustom 9
/ XIAJ / Elephant Bag (taiga) RARE gacha at Kustom 9
.Tokame. Heart in a Cage (Neuilles Mint) gacha at TC4
Noodles - Loony Radish Earrings at Wizarding Faire
{Imeka~} Sayuri-Pose Pack at Kustom 9

Furniture at Kustom 9:
*ionic*! I'm a poem (chair)
*ionic*! I'm a bird (chair)
*ionic*! The mysteries of nature (frames)
*ionic*! luz (lamp)
*ionic*! folkie carpet

.Birdy. Amber Skin ~Pure~ (Red) F at Wizarding Faire
Pink Acid Subtle Popsicle Gloss - Watermelon (Cosmetic Fair)
[Castellian] Iris Hair - 49l$ each colour
[Yulicie] Dolly - Cats 1 dress at Kustom 9
ASO! Ballet Coroo (white)
Lark Cozy Socks - White Catsat Candy Fair
.Tokame. Pufpuf Necklace (Pink) at Kustom 9
.Tokame. Pufpuf Marshmallow (Pink) (w/tongue) at Kustom 9
.Tokame. Pufpuf Drink (White) (head) at Kustom 9
Toro. Recycled Bag {Philippines} With Items at Kustom 9
[tea.s] Lollipop Ring - Cherry at Candy Fair
Essences- Traditional Candy Bracelet at Candy Fair

Kustom 9 Group Gift (rain boots and umbrella)

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