Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Millions of stars, they open to your fate..

[KOOQLA] ~ River 03 ~ dark brows
*Dura* Boys&Girls*47(Black)
Toro. Black Knitted Cardigan (Outfit Five at Seasons Story)
::LikeA:: DENIM RED BK303 (with boxers and belt) (Group Gift)
::K:: Shoulder Knit Noir
/ XIAJ / Leather Chucks -Outfit 10: Kuma (Avenue Sep 29 - Oct 5)

[K]lean Body Shop - TYLER skin - Ice with freckles layer at The Mens Dept
*Dura* Boy*45(Black)
Apple May Designs - Plaid Unbuttoned Shirt - Old Blue at The Mens Dept
[Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots - (blue) at The Mens Dept
/ XIAJ / Leather Slim Fit Pants -Outfit 10: Kuma (Avenue Sep 29 - Oct 5)
[CheerNo] NeckLace_JoJo Cherry at The Mens Dept
AITUI TATTOO - Attack of the Bugz! [faded] at The Mens Dept
[ JP ]:dsg. LIBERATION clock
[ BarmaleY ] Suspenders_Karlo_Blue at The Mens Dept

[KOOQLA] ~ River 03 ~ dark brows
*Dura* Boys&Girls*48(Black)
/ XIAJ / Outfit 2: Lee Chaolan (sweater, pants and boots)(Avenue Sep 29 - Oct 5)
!gO! Balaclava -2- mask at The Mens Dept

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