Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home

The Beachcomber's Cabin (Gift)
*ionic*! yay banner
{what next} Playground Roundabout - multicolour
Sway's Bunting arch [Summer] polkadots
floorplan. garden daybed (edited)
{what next} Sonoma Bicycle - Lilac (wearable) 50% off for {what next} VIP group members till Aug 5th
{what next} Large A-Board Sign
b.v Wooden boxes (Gift)
[ keke ] lab vases (at The Chapter Four)
-Hydrangea Turning Wreaths (Gift)
LISP Postbox Wall Version
LISP Anna Wood Basket Light

*ionic*! vintage frames (gacha)  (at The Chapter Four)
*ionic*! Mai chairs - Purple and Rosa (gacha)  (soon at The Chapter Four)
+Half-Deer+ The Angel's Chair (Sky)  (at The Chapter Four)

[CIRCA] Party food side table - summer skye at Food Fair 2013
[CIRCA] "Ladies Tea" Wall Plate Set Group Gift
[CIRCA] "Epicure" InFlight Cupcake Tray (All trays comes with wearable food) at Food Fair 2013
[CIRCA] "Epicure" Macaron Platter - Party Cream at Food Fair 2013
[CIRCA] "Animal Zoo" Cracker Plate at Food Fair 2013
LISP Bistro Muffin Case
[INU-YA]hydrangea (Gift)

[CIRCA] - Party food side table mini - summer pink at Food Fair 2013
LISP Charlotte Home Lamp - touch base for light on/off x2
Food: +9 mugi-cha / poche kingyo kan / poche ujikintoki
Cafe de KC No.2[cupcake plate] (Group Gift)

{what next} Florence Shelf (cottage)
Sway's [have a Cupcake] wallart
MudHoney Addison Chandelier - white
-DoubleD- Moka Coffee (Group Gift)
{what next} Baking Day Kitchen Scales (pink)

floorplan. valena cubby bookcase
[INU-YA]hydrangea (Gift)
LISP Mesh - Charlotte Home Book Pile
[CIRCA] - "Easter Sunday" Teacup - Grass
{what next} Picnic Tins

*SS* lovely sideboard - white shabby
LISP Mesh - Anna Prints Set
LISP Fan - Texture Change
LISP Espresso Pot+mugs
{what next} Green Dotty Lantern
Zigana . Branch light . nature  (at The Chapter Four)

LISP Mesh - Rain or Shine Set - Classic (chairs and table)
Sway's Plate & Mug empty/finished
Dutchie newspaper (Gift)
[Tia] Quilt - Green
*ionic*! zeide frames

11th Hour: "A" Bookshelf - Wallpaper Wood  (at The Chapter Four)
floorplan. guitar bookcase
*bbqq* curtain v2- pattern-C
-Hydrangea Turning Table- with champagne (Gift)
Soothe. Telephone (neon yellow)
+SC+GrassBarrel( Autumn) (Group Gift)
-Hydrangea-2013 paper- (Gift)
+SC+ Poker cards
Zigana - rug color

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