Friday, August 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home

(click on images to see larger picture)

*ionic*! Every day is a new house {espacio} building
Terra's Closet Vintage Stereo Cabinet
*Connors* Bob Broono doll (Gift)
{what next} Pile of Vinyl (mesh)
Second Spaces vintage tool cabinet - white
Seven Emporium Lawn Chair - Dark Rust
~BAZAR~ Toronto-Computer
Atelier Kreslo To-Go Cup
Trompe Loeil Stringlights With Photos Mirror
Seven Emporium The Filmore Factory Shelf (texture change)
{af} Ralph's Boat
O.M.E.N Fairytales - Alice - Drink Me
[ keke ] lab vase jar
MudHoney Cement Tube Wine Racks
Soothe. Telephone (neon green)
{what next} Novelle Book & Pen Decor
Seven Emporium Morse Scale - Paint
[Neurolab Inc.] Sculpted_Barrel_freebies NeuroLab damaged
{what next} Hermosa Rug (texture change)
*bbqq* curtain V2-Silk-c
*bbqq* Trolley-C-silver

.encore. Wagon Table {light}
Seven Emporium Lab Crates - Animated
~BAZAR~ Green Orchid (1L$ Gift)
[] vase with plant (packaging)
Dutchie newspaper (Gift)
~SC~ Molly Magazines Set
Seven Emporium Eye Chart Poster
{what next} Decorative Ventura Bicycle - Red
floorplan. anchor marquee light
{what next} ovelle Memo Board (texture change)
Vintage Brass Ceiling Fan MESH
floorplan. ladder shelf (texture change)
Seven Emporium Applause Box
~BAZAR~ Toronto-Drawings-Color tubes-Brushes
{what next} Row of Books A (Everyday)
{what next} Novelle Typewriter (texture change)
[ keke ] lab vase coupe
~BAZAR~ Toronto-Painters manequen
Kuro Yellow submarine (inclined)
{what next} Novelle Desk Lamp
floorplan. shark chalkboard (texture change)
Culprit Hinged Light Rusty
*~MMG's~* Bathroom scale (Gift)
**Wall Candy packaging (Subscriber Gift)

*bbqq* branch bed
[ b.d ] plus NuCo (pot with cat) (Luckyboard)
~BAZAR~ Torornto-Floor lamp bedroom
Seven Emporium Lab Chair - Industrial Blue
Trompe Loeil Hanging Line With Photos (Anyone Can Use!)
.encore. Cloud Light (Group Gift)
Kuro Wired love (red)
floorplan. guitar bookcase
Wall Candy - Lamp Post (Subscriber Gift)
[ keke ] photo clipped papers
~BAZAR~ Toronto-Bedroom books&glasses
{what next} Hermosa Rug (texture change)


Lutricia Roux said...

Wonderful effect of the light, just perfect.

...noir said...

Thank you Lutricia!