Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home

*ionic*! Every day is a new house {minimal needs}
{what next} Orlaith Deckchair (rose)
[CIRCA] "SunnySide" Holiday Lawn Pool - Primary (12 pos)

DIGS - Emmet Desk [MESH] (accessories)
Toronto-Study bookshelf empty
Kuro Illuminated thoughts
{what next} Row of Books
Torornto-Study lamp
11th Hour: "A" Bookshelf - Strips Metal at The Box
Trompe Loeil Oceania Cabinet Tree Inlay
{what next} Little Haven Portable TV (light yellow)
{what next} Orlaith Cup of Tea (with spoon)
{vespertine- letters deco.}
Soothe. Telephone (flower yellow)
Tornot-Study art
Kuro A mess of a chair
Toronto-Bedroom books&glasses

Trompe Loeil Oceania Chair With Pillow Neutrals (PG or Adult versions)
:neigeux: Mesh Plants (Group Gift)
[ keke ] lab vases (soon at The Chapter Four)
Sway's WallArt [Life is like photography]
Kuro Flowering ideas (composed)

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