Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home - The beach

Sway's Beach Hut [ahoy!] (Mesh and Material - Li 5)
[CIRCA] "Lost Shores" Ceiling Pendant - Seahorses & Coral
[CIRCA] "Lost Shores" Candle Shell Bowls
[CIRCA] "Lost Shores" Living Driftwood - White (2 styles. 7/12 Li)
Sway's Boardwalk (9 diverse boardwalk parts and Bridge. Mesh - Li 1 / 3)
Sway's Dock (3 diverse Docks. Mesh - Li 2 / 6)

TRUTH HAIR Virginie w/Roots - coffee
Lark Ruffled Swimsuit (with hud to change textures and frill color)
Kuro in Motion Limbo pose

You can check older "Furniture" posts for the rest of the credits

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