Saturday, July 13, 2013

Walls are closing in and I hit the ground

*YS&YS* (Taxi!) Atena 01 Nude Teeth
*YS&YS* (Taxi!) Freckles3 + Eyelash 05
Pink Acid (Taxi!) Subtle Lip Gloss - Pink
*YS&YS* (Taxi!) IntenseEye Brown
[iren] (Taxi!) Tell me ...BROWNS (at the Hair Fair)
Overhigh (Taxi!) London Dress - Flowers 1
Kyoot - Timeless Kneesocks (Yellow/White)
S@BBiA::Flower Pumps Mesh Lucky Board
::kDm:: (Taxi!) Suika glass -normal- Okinawa Summer Festival Gift
+Half-Deer+ Marshmallow Fruit Necklace - Stars at The Box
* VinCue ~ (Taxi!) Zooly+Head+Band - Kitty at ~{Mes Brics à Bracs}~
All Poses [tea.s] (Taxi!)

[UMEBOSHI] Gift Pearl eyes -Daenerys- Group Gift
MoDANNA [my little french dress] #17 :: ExcuseMyFrenchHunt :: Hunt Gift
S@BBiA::Flower Pumps Mesh (5 color change) Lucky Board
[UMEBOSHI] Kaiya specs LB -white floral- Lucky Board
* VinCue ~ Zooly+Head+Band - 4 KiwiKitty at ~{Mes Brics à Bracs}~

=) potcha. eyeball 20130323 Lucky Board
Mary's Closet ;; mary'sT Suscriber Gift
Blueberry Lila *Mesh* Skirt White Group Gift

[UMEBOSHI] Ren2 eyes -Pondweed- Lucky Board
S@BBiA::Flare Tunic Blue Lucky Board
Blueberry Lisa *Mesh* Skirt in Brown Group Gift
+9 hot dog special(on mouth) (canue.glazner) Group Gift

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