Wednesday, July 3, 2013

There's nothing here till we have someone to hold

*MY UGLYDOROTHY* Miu_Casual1(Tone1) (eyebrows, face and blush)
::[annaA]:: Body Shape " Vio " at The Box 
[UMEBOSHI] Mirror eyes Med Blue (med) at The Box
TRUTH HAIR Kerri - LightBrowns05Fade
Overhigh Vicent Dress - Blue
{Happy Pencil} ombre tights
Slink Astrid Boots
Pink. NecklaceSeaPearls.Sky
Pink. Earrings LionKingGold and Rings
Happy Undead - Elmyra's Bow [vinyl blues and greens] soon at ~{Mes Brics à Bracs}~
Le Poppycock *Tea Time Sac* Campagne at Him & Her
-Hydrangea cookie basket-(wear) ISOVII for JODL Suscriber gift
Le Poppycock Poses

DeeTaleZ Skin DELICIOUS Skin KAT rose 1 smokey eyes VANILLA
::[annaA]:: Body Shape " Vio " at The Box
{Happy Pencil} 003 eyeliner
{Happy Pencil}lipstick, Crepe suzette
Pink Acid Retro Alpha Top Eye Makeup
[UMEBOSHI] Mirror eyes Light Brown (med) at The Box
TRUTH HAIR Tawny - Gingers04Fade
Overhigh - Cecilie Dress - Green
Overhigh - Pantyhose - Red
Loordes of London-The Puppeteer-Mix Rose shoes at Feeb's Rascals St (soon!)
Pink. SetSeaPearls.White.
{{BSD Design studio}}Art deco-gold necklace at The Box
Bag and paper are box from [Yulicie] store
Le Poppycock Poses

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