Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home Sweet Home

*ionic* Every day is a new house {whisper} (Coming soon to Chapter Four!)

*ionic* coffee table & chairs set (blue) (green) (yellow)
[CIRCA] Spring Time - Birdhouse with sparrows - Periwinkle
{what next} Large A-Board Sign
[ba] barnesworth anubis hollyhock flowers
{what next} Tunbridge Bench
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Payphone
{what next} Cornwall Daisies Planters
Bar *QP*
Trompe Loeil Hanging Tri-Planter Blue
Trompe Loeil Beachside Cabinet White Plain
*bbqq* curtain V2-Silk-A
~La'Licious~ Umbrella
Almost all the food are current and old gifts from :poche:
floorplan. change fund / my stache
MudHoney Wine, Scotch and Rum Bottles from Bar Credenza

*ionic* La maison de mon reve

LISP Mesh Blinds Narrow White
[ba] barnesworth anubis garden paver path
*ionic* Cosmia set (chairs)
Rustica - Mesh Houseplant
[CIRCA] Wall lantern sconce
[CIRCA] Greeny Leafy Bush
{vespertine} - vesna bottle/fallen.
{what next} Bramley Bicycle Pose Prop (Ladies)
{what next} Cornwall Daisies Planter (blue)
{what next} Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart - Red
Sway's Swim Ring [Quack] aqua
LISP Serenity Springs Hot Tub Set

*ionic* me invitan a una fiesta (music stage with instruments)
{what next} Yellow Dotty Lantern - hanging
{what next} Orlaith Deckchair (rose)

*ionic* vintage sofa
*ionic* Barecelona single sofa
*ionic* Cosmia set (brown coffee table)
{what next} Garden Cafe Flowers (cream)
{what next} Garden Cafe Tray
Sway's Plate & Mug empty/finished
BoatHouse New Book Stack 2 Small
LISP Mesh - Butterfly Clock - tex change/world times
*ionic* coffee time! (white table with decorations)
Kuro Stuff cabinet
Zinnias Pickers Guitar Decor Item
.Olive. the Simple Short Stool - Mint
Trompe Loeil Cobble Hill Rug
*bbqq* spot lights-white[mesh]-V3
Trompe Loeil Hanging Line With Photos
Kuro Memories mirror
*ionic* los paisajes de leahn (frames)
Fruct0se Book01

Trompe Loeil Billiards Dresser 11 Ball
Soothe. Telephone (blackdot)
LISP Fan - Texture Change
*ionic* lovesong frames
*ionic* I am so rock&roll right now! (guitar set)

*ionic* Alison bed - white.2 -
LISP Mesh - Emma Cabinet - White
Lilac Vase Ipanema CHEZ MOI - Kuro
Lark - Vintage Dress Form (1-light)
*ionic* Maialen frames
*ionic* yay banner
*ionic* good friday (desk with deco)
*ionic* preludio (desk and decorations)
{vespertine- letters deco.}
Kyoot Teacup Candles
{what next} Charlotte Large Prints (Set B)
*ionic* memories collector (suitcases with letters)
Soho Corner Alphin Games Boards

LISPMesh - Rain or Shine Set - Pastels (chairs and table)
:poche Japanese style breakfast Gift
*ionic* pyramid song (piano)
*ionic* drumspaint (white)
*ionic* Buenos Aires indie bands poster
Sway's [Spirit] Pendulum Clock - Rain
[kusshon] tissou box

floorplan. valena cubby
[CIRCA] "Nature Hill" Marigold Mini Pot - Easter!
{what next} Charlotte Book Decor - mesh
{what next} Green Dotty Lantern
LISP Margot Reading Book
LISP Mesh - Charlotte Nerd Book Piles

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