Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living Second Life

nordari. milkcoffee and sugarhearts. House

nordari. halloweencandle. caramel.
nordari. halloween candle. purpur.
nordari. halloween framed.
Soothe. Halloween Light
{what next} Amalfi String Lights - Fairylights (scripted)
{what next} Rustic Sign 1 - Welcome (Gatcha)

{what next} Hampton Garden Set (yellow)

LISP Anna Fireplace White Bright Yellow with animations
LISP Mesh - Anna Window Mirror - Full Bright
LISP Coco Tea Lights 3 flames (press flame on/off)
LISP Mesh Blinds Narrow Long - White

Trompe Loeil Club Chair Teal
Trompe Loeil Mendoza Cabinet Teal Silver
Trompe Loeil Round Endtable Plaid Fabrics
floorplan. Porthole mirror / gold
Sway's [Yuka] Candle - light
{what next} Amalfi String Lights - Winter Blue (non-scripted)
{what next} Rise & Shine Coffee Tray

nordari. weathered afternoon cabinet
Sway's [Yuka] Bamboo Planter - sand / small
{what next} Falling Wall Decor (Winter)
{what next} Waiting for a Sign Print
{what next} Chocolatier Drinks Tray
{what next} Cabin Sign 1 - Welcome - rare (Gatcha)
NS:: Mobile Phone
{what next} Cafe Light (white)

Sway's [Yuka] Asian relaxation Set (Plants, pillows, table, candles and zen garden)
Sway's [Yuka] Folding Screen Group Gift
LISP Mesh Blinds Wide Long - White
floorplan. crate shelf / two-toned
{what next} Mimi's Mannequin (with poses) - small
{what next} Nieve Rug
Sway's [Yuka] Candle - light
{what next} Baking Day Kitchen Scales (pink)
{what next} Pop-Shot Camera Decor (decorative only)

LISP Stag Blue Sofa
LISP Coco Picture Frames2 small 3li
LISP Anna Fireplace Oak Bright Orange - sit for animations
LISP Mesh Blinds Teak
NS:: Jack bag (Group Gift)
*Tatty Soup* Tulip Jar Lilac.
{what next} Give Thanks Shelf Print

Trompe LoeilMendoza Bed - Aguayo & Silver Frame PG
floorplan. Porthole mirror / bronze
Sway's [Yuka] Bamboo Planter - sand
{what next} Amalfi String Lights - Winter Blue (non-scripted)
{what next} Valena's Travel Trunk ( with animations )
{what next} Life Is Print
{what next} True Happiness Print
nordari. recycled tables.
*Tatty Soup* Tulip Jar Happy.
*Tatty Soup* Gypsy Chair Juicy.

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