Thursday, September 6, 2012


Outfit: --Umi Usagi-- "lapine l'uniforme" 5th anniv. (mesh) GroupGift
Shoes: -L'APH- Ballet Flats Purplish Blue GroupGift

Outfit: :PS: School Girl Corset and Skirt (several colors) GroupGift
Shoes: Crickets - Reese Beaded Sandals GroupGift

Bikini SHINE IceCreamHunt #3
Bikini Divalicious IceCreamHunt #6

Dress Sassy! Sebra Sequins Dress IceCreamHunt #4
Outfit Legal Insanity Gold IceCreamHunt #1


ɠεηηα said...

I really like your blog..great pics and finds. I have a little freebie blog, and I put a link to yours a few months ago. Do you mind linking mine? Thanks. :)

... said...

Thank you, and sure... I'll add your link :)

ɠεηηα said...