Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank you dear followers!

Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog!

I've been asked so many times what windlight settings I use for my pictures... and finally found a way to export and share.
So here is my little gift in return for your constant support.

Download this file, unzip and follow instructions.
Picture here was made using this windlight setting at What Next Sim
And please share your pictures with me! I'll love to see what you create :)


D e n i said...

yay congrats Noir<3
ty for ur gift and for all ur amazing of my fav blogs!!Muah

Callie Tendandes said...

Hello I was wondering .. I had a crash and lost every thing on my computer.. and one of those items I loved was this windlight. Is there any chance of getting a copy or it uploaded or file? ty!

...noir said...

Thank you Callie, download is availabe again (I think! haha) please let me know if you have problems getting it.

Callie Tendandes said...

Thank you! This is one of my very fav. windlights hugs