Saturday, March 3, 2012

A day with Cara

Shape Flor - Minna New
Skin *YS & YS* Cara Pale 07 Ici New
Eyes Izzie's - Natural MESH Eyes *soft green*
Hair magari - libby - caramel New fi*friday 55$L
Under Top .Munique - Corset Top Green New
Top *Tea Time* TrashLeo T-shirt Zombie PopCorn Brand New
Pants Izzie's - Sweat Pants white New
Bag FoxyBag Dark GSP *Tea Time* New
Necklace Dark Mouse - Sedate Me - Necklace New
Earrings undefined lilies - not that glam (green/silver) New
Cuff Fleshtone :: Vanity Studded Cuffs New
Nails Izzie's - Metallic Nails

Shape Flor Minna New
Skin *YS & YS* Cara Pale 04 Sky Teeth New
Hair magari - libby - golden New fi*friday 55$L
Top Fleshtone :: Metallic Jersey Dress [Silver] New
Pants [M] Lace Jeans - Worn Medium New
Earrings Fleshtone::LyraVintageEarings New
Necklace ASO! Cross Antique Necklace Silver(turquoise) New
Bag Fleshtone::TheSquare.0(BlackGlitter) New
Shades (PRISS) - TsumoRoundSunnies in White New
All Poses Le Poppycock

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