Sunday, February 26, 2012

Take me to the riot

Shape: Bootyique-Seafoam Shape Gift
Hair: Analog Dog pause puff Gift
Outfit: [BUKKA]MarketPlace Bonus package Gift
Leggings: !1mm*** catdot tights green Gift
Shoes: [ROLY-POLY] -DECO- blue Gift
Nails: *pulcino*glove nail "Radiance" MOSSGREEN Gift
Mouth Thingie: +:::+Natural+:::+C.D.T Gift

House: -[ Zacca ]- Tiny House Limited Gift
Irish Coffee and bread: B.T.F.H.#.1.4. - Sour Pickles Hunt
Mixer: Mixer - touch - menu for food Gift
Plant: *Ionic* My Buenos Aires apartment Hunt
Food: :poche Roasted-green-tea parfait Gift
Chair: [!ZOOM] Posing Artistry Pose fair Gift

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