Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'll take your place when the world ends

Building nordari. / ratio fractus. New
{what next} Promenade Lamp-Post Pose Prop (Off White) - with FX
{what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop
{what next} Pineknot Log Pile

LISP Mint Frame
Baffle! Grandma's Milk Pitcher
Sway's Stack of Books & Coffee + Books + Boxes [Hayden]Set New
{vespertine} cinnamon leaves.table lamp.
Anonymous Living - Paint Table Chair

WoodBox nordari. / ratio fractus.
*petal* Stepladdar / [HiH] Plants / *fllo*Vintage Scooter 1.0
{what next} Antique Heart Tree Lanterns New
-Hanaya- Umbrella Stand with Umbrella / Zigana [ indie flags ]

LISP Grand Piano Open with sits - Lemon (music sheets and candle incl) New
LISP Pinky Boo Suitcase Largest - Pastel Blue New
LISP Margot Teapot Lamp Texture Change - White
LISP Margot Cup with Rose
LISP Montmartre Easel - White

Sway's Stump [feed Birds]
Sway's Umbrella Stripes with Drops [vertical]
{what next} Pink Wellies Decor
Picnic gardening table [white] / [KUE!] Cafe Gamma storageroom / Kari - The old Stove
LISP Button Flowers in a Vase - 3 flowers
LISP Dotty Tealamp

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