Monday, February 27, 2012

I am not a girl that can every be defined

{what next} Alhambra Deck Chair Set - Blue & Yellow (chairs, table, tea, book) New for EPOCH Legend event
Bottles {vespertine} - vesna bottles GGift

House *Ionic* My Buenos Aires apartment Voisins Hunt Gift
LISP Spring Words Set (Rug, cusions, candles, paintings, drapes) New
{what next} Cafe Lights Set - Colourful Aqua+Pink New
Sweets :poche happy whiteday set 


Fritzfranz Fride said...

Got informed by miyu Adder from poche that setting of price was not carried out by mistake. so its no longer a freebie. just want to inform you about that. Price is L$50 now.

...Noir said...

Oh, thank you for the info Fritz :)