Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Makes a Woman a LADY?

What Makes a Woman a LADY?
Saying “please” and “thank you”
Mind your own business
Never intentionally embarrassing another
Never talking only about oneself
Not gossiping
Not prying
Not asking personal questions
Not staring
Not pointing at someone
Not talking loudly
Not asking intrusive personal questions
Chew with your mouth closed
Cross your legs if you are wearing a dress
Wipe your feet at the door and take your shoes off in a persons home
Offer food or drinks to guests
Open doors for people behind you
Please, don’t skip in line
Apologize to someone if you bump into them
Watch your language in front of children
Wait to eat until everyone at the table is seated and ready to eat
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
Always wash your hands after using the restroom
Dress accordingly for events
Make eye contact when talking to a person
Say excuse me when you wish to speak to someone who is engaging in conversation
Ask to borrow people’s personal belongings
Introduce yourself to people when you meet them
Don’t put your elbows on the dinner table
Don’t burp at the dinner table
Don’t comment on people’s weight or age (unless it’s positive)
Respect your elders
Don’t hit other people
Don’t lie or steal
Say sorry when you do something that hurts someone else
Be a good listener. Don’t interrupt.
Do not discuss sex, religion, or politics when you first meet someone. Be courteous when you do.
Anticipate the needs of others.
Don’t have your radio or TV so loud it bothers others.

When you mention your enemies speak about them with respect – not matter what they did – they are human and still deserve respect (Yes, I do mean you’re ex too!)

Dress appropriately for the occasion. Yes, this is a tricky one but do you’re best. A lady never deliberately sticks out of the crowd.

Cut the whining and complaining. Seriously, who like a girl that constantly whines and nothing is ever perfect for her? Take what you’ve been given with grace and use it to the best of your ability – however meager it may be.

Honesty. One of the greatest attributes bestowed upon mankind. Use it with tact and pride.

Project yourself – real, human, feminine, (and slightly imperfect!) with spirit and vitality. Don’t try and be a copycat. You’re unique – embrace it.

Be charming. Strive to be lovely, use small-talk and your smile.

Cut out the crudeness. Enough said.

Know how to handle yourself and your emotions. Know what makes you upset, angry, depressed, moody. Learn how to curb the unloveliness. Yes, this takes time and effort maybe a bit of actually trying and failing but remember that old saying, “practice makes perfect?”.

Be punctual. If you’re late – apologize beforehand.

(perhaps a little old-fashioined, but I agree with most of it... so I thought I'd share. Taken from Grace & Poise)

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