Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cinnamon girl

Shape: Nanan Soah New!
Skin: (amitomo) sora skin LBoard
Eyes: *bbqq*-eyes00-LightGray GGift
MakeUp: {ILCC} #6 JeSyLiLO Hunt
Hair: tram A330 hair GGift
Top: :WhoNose: Kaisa BREEZE Dress GGift
Pants: !1mm Macaroncolor Skinny orange LBoard
Shoes: MENstuff Gift # 28 Duh! Hunt
Bag Hat: 1mm bag head GGift
Donut: [S.K.] Donuts Craze- 400 members GGift
Bag: ::Duh!:: My White Plaid Bag LChair
Pet: Ohmai Emporium: Quidditch House Pride Pygmy Puffs Gift
Coffee: coffee?F with pose Gift
~La'Licious~: Shabby Little Kitchen New!

Shape: Nanan Soah New!
Skin: (amitomo) Bella skin  LBoard
Eyes: *bbqq*-eyes00-LightGray GGift
Hair: tram A811 hair GGift
Top: !1mm*** flill lonT karasi GGift
Pants: +amitomo+Pastel Leggings LBoard
Shoes: Men STUFF 7 2 {BedlaM} Hunt
Bag: !1mm*** Bag GGift
Scarf: [Viita] Tartan Scarf(Royal Stewart) Gift
Ring: +9 fashion rings Add9 GGGift
Cookie and Coffee Gift
Poses: (amitomo) thank you GGift
Location~La'Licious~: Fetisha Sewing Room Collage for Vintage Fair-New!

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