Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

House: *bbqq*-driftwood house

Gardening deco: ~La'Licious~ Little Garden In A House 45L$ Gatcha Nest exclusive starts the 28th
Swing: ~La'Licious~ Autumn Porch Swing 100L$ Gatcha Nest exclusive starts the 28th
Fall decorations: ~La'Licious~ Autumn Welcome Wreath
Pumpkin Pots: *bbqq*-pumpkin potted-Halloween Gift
Halloween decoration: ASO! Halloween flower (Lavanda hunt, starts the 28th)

First room
Wall deco: ~La'Licious~ Old Shutter Card Holder 50L$ Gatcha
Cabinet: ~La'Licious~ Refurbished Cabinet 50L$ Gatcha Nest exclusive starts the 28th
Frames: ~La'Licious~ Blank Triple Canvas w/frames
Little table: ~La'Licious~ Decoupage Postcard Table 50L$ Gatcha Nest exclusive starts the 28th
Drawers: ASO! Vintage Drawers (Lavanda hunt, starts the 28th)
Window: ~La'Licious~Recycled Window Mirror {Aqua}
Candles: Kyoot - Teacup Candles Set (Warm)
Vase: {what next} Morning Tea Vase
Console table with decorations: [what next] Coastal Cottage Breakfast Room
Rug: {what next} Coastal Cottage Rug (beige)

Bedroom: ~La'Licious~ Pastel Dreams Tent and add ons
Desk: ~La'Licious~ Old Hall Table {French Vanilla}
Rabbit doll: +Olive+ Dirty Cookie Rabbit (Lavanda hunt, starts the 28th)
Rug: ~La'Licious~ Pastel Dreams Rug
Clouds light: ~La'Licious~ Pastel Dreams Ceiling Light
Boxes: ~La'Licious~ Pastel Dreams Hat Boxes
Books Shelf: ~La'Licious~ Pastel Dreams Books Shelf
Board: Kyoot - Small Reminders Board
Stool: {what next} Somewhere to Sit Stool (PEENK)
Lamp: {what next} May Lamp

Sofa: *bbqq*-vintage floral sofa-w04
Table with plant: [kusshon]  (Lavanda hunt, starts the 28th)
Armoire: ~La'Licious~ Vintage Armoire {Grass Stains}
Stool:~La'Licious~ Library Stool {Style B}
Bookshelf: ~La'Licious~ Cluttered Bookshelf {Black}
Stove: Kari - The old Stove
Chandelier: {what next} Morning Tea Chandelier (plain crystal)


** Cherie ** said...

lovely house ! love all the details <3

...Noir said...

Thank you Cherie <3