Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home (part II)

Trees: [Fan3] Group Gifts 1Prim Tree
Whimsical seating: ISHS31-The Strawberry Box Hunt

Bed: {what next} Autumn's Bed  Hunt

Autumn seat: Vespertine hunt gifty Hunt

Strawberries: ISHS31-The Strawberry Box Hunt
Milk: +9  Gift
Toast with ham: +9  Gift
Bread: +9  Gift
Lunch box: +9  Gift
Watermelon Punch: +9  Gift

Mesh table: (TLND) Pete the Pumpkin Hunt
Cupcake: *NP*cupcake plane LBoard
Books: Marmalade Jam Gift
Candles Tulips Chocolates: [Oasis Furniture] Gift

Painting set: {FB}Peinture Artist Set Gift

Lounge sofa: BehaviorBody-Sept/2011/Subscribe Gift
Mannequin: FTLO #21 Meberry Boo-for-2 Hunt item Hunt

Sofa: D is for Deviant #006 - FIN *Relive the fifties* Hunt
Mat Planter Lifebelt decoration: D is for Deviant #012 - Aphrodite Megastore & Coffeehouse Hunt

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