Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freebies Gallore (part 1)

Eyes: *bbqq*-eyes01-LightGray-GGift
Hair: EMO-tions GIFT for COSTA RICA
Skin: *OC* Natasha skin - MFW make up + freackles Gift

Skin: R.icielli - RHEA mommamonster_LB/specialmakeup Gift

Skin: Sari Bunny 2-free skin from button's Gift

Skin: Sari-free skin from button's Gift

Top+Jacket: **GizzA** Jolly Outfits [Pink] Gift
Skirt: SHIKI-knit dress MONOTONE Gift
Shoes: Kennedy's "Skull Fuck Me Heels" Black GGift
Tights: *Sheer* Tights: Zebra Gift
Jewelry: Costa Rica - Cookie Bear Token - Son!a Gift
Fedora: Indyra Originals- Costa Rica Cookie Bear Coin Gift
Ring: (Kunglers Extra) Lotus - ring Gift

Transparent Top: MFW2011  Gift
Outfit with shoes: MEB : MFW2011  Gift
Ring: !Rebel Hope Designs Gift for You
bag&scarf: *FREE*MONO DOT*
Socks: -LaViere- Opening Gift

Sweater: Costa Rica - Cookie Bear Token Gift
Pants+Socks: Argyle Anonymous Gift 9/22/11 (limited!)
Scarf: B-side Couture free Gift
CubepuzzleCHABINNS Gift
Glasses: [ 2byte ] metal glasses GGift
Jewelry: MFW2011  OSAKKI Gift

Top: SHIKI-cardigan EARTH Gift
Pants: *Muism* Cotton Smart Trousers/Brown Gift
Shoes: On The Hunt - Magnifying Glass - General Hunt
Bag: :sey Limited takaraduka edition  Gift
Jewelry: RH Engel Jewelry -  Gift
Tongue: CHABINNS Sweet tongue  Gift


Cherokeeh said...

Sorry, this ---> Top: SHIKI-cardigan EARTH Gift This isn't in the store, you're rong?

...Noir said...

Yes it is, I just saw it :)

Cherokeeh said...

But I was twice, in two shops of Shiki, and still not found it.

...Noir said...

Follow the landmark that I give, lands pretty much next to the coin.