Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tiny little messy, little raindrops

Shape: Noirilicious Susan NEW!
Skin with ears: :[P]:-Ataciara-Elven-Valah-Light-Cleav-Naked NEW!
Facial tattoo: :[P]:- Demon Fades- Face-Unia II NEW!
Skirt: ]Area69[ Naughty Skirt RedLeather NEW!
Demon Fades: :[P]:-Demon Fades-Noir NEW!
Poses: Diesel Works - Groove Female Poses NEW!
Corset and eyes Luck Inc, Nails Mandala, Hair CaTwA, Legs PERA


Biondina said...

where is the top from? :))

Mimi Namiboo said...

wow, hot :D

Noir said...
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Noir said...

mwah! thanks girls!
Biondina, the top was a former gift from hyper culture (Christensia Parkin) ^^