Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My heaven's with you

Shape: Noirilicious Isiss
Skin: DIMH2 - #101 Pink Fuel Hunt
Eyes: A69-Eyes SapphireBlue
Hair: A&A Fabienne Hair Darkbrown NEW!
Sweater: *UM* Red Bot Sweat GGift
Skirt: [Cynful] GinnySkirt - lightblue NEW!
Shoes: amaama+boots 001 1L$ (Event is over)
Scooter: *fllo*Vintage Scooter 1.0 1L$ (Event is over)
Poses: HelaMiyo :: Pure Juice event


Artemisia1975 said...

Sorry but i don't find boots and scooter. Where is really the shop? Ty.

Noir said...

Not available anymore. See that says "Event is over".