Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Dances at STUDIO4D

I've been working on my store, sorry for the lack of fashion.
Took a break and went dancing with my new STUDIO4D Dances! (Urban & Marionette)
There is a Gift dance! Go grab it and try the new dances.


Monica said...

I went to S4D and didn't see the gift dance. Is it still available? The new urban dances are nice :)

peco said...

Hi Noir, Thank you for wonderful post! I love your dancing fashion:)) S4D's gift dance is still available. Check it out in new dance section, around Marionette dance. You will find santa hat pane:)

Noir said...

Thanks for the comments!
Monica I'm standing right next to it :P
Let the place rezz and go to where the new dances are. Look for a xmas hat.

Monica said...

Found it! Thanks Noir and peco:)