Monday, December 27, 2010

Me hates Blogger!

Spent all day trying to make my images show bigger! GRRR!

Shape: Yum - Noirilicious Shape
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Luckyboard (blogged)
Hair: ww*hair-111:Like a Bunny-u:D.Brown
Top: Rabbit fur jacket coat izm.
Pants: oyakin*tweed-pants(red Free
Shoes: 774th*knit boots-GI Limited Lboard
*Laranja*_suppon!(HOUKYOU) Free
*Laranja*_suppon(SHIKKOKU) LBoard


Chic Aeon said...

Hi there

Not sure why you are having a lot of trouble with larger photos -- unless perhaps you are trying to stretch them. Blogger doesn't work that way.

Insert a photo into your post while in the compose window. Upload from your computer and then tell it to insert. Once it is IN the post, just click on the photo. You have several size options. It looks like you have LARGE in these posts. You can click on the photo you want to change and tell it X-large.

If you want it a certain size and you might need that for your template, then you will have to make your photo THAT size (like 535 pixels say). Upload and tell it you want to use the original size.

Hope some of that helps. Hard to say what the issue is since you didn't explain :D.

Good luck.

Serene Fairey said...

Another way to do it is to link to photos in a free flickr account. I upload photos at 1250x1250 pixels, and Flickr automatically makes several sizes. In my blogpost I link to the 500x500 size to display, then link it so that if someone clicks on the smaller photo, it takes them to the largest version on my Flickr page. Me likee. Hope this option helps :)

She... said...

I take my pictures in the most hight resolution (4000 x 2300 px), im edit and upload at Flickr. Good luck! :)

Noir said...

Thanks for all the help girls !!