Monday, November 15, 2010

Skin MiaSnow Fresh

MIASNOW Skin - FRESH Exotic TintBrow ~scarlet
Shape: Noirilicious Sofia
Eyes: Eyes Gracia -BrightBlue- *REDGRAVE
Hair: TRUTH Cady Streaked - quince
Poses: Diesel Works

Comes on 4 skin stones: Pale, Tan, Exotic, & Dark skintones, 6 base makeups to choose individually or in fatpacks.
Different options of make-up, cleavage and eyebrows so you can fully customize your look.

MIASNOW Skin - FRESH Dark TintBrow ~cateye +Hair, Freckles
+Aqua & Green eyeshadow
+Black Lip

MIASNOW Skin - FRESH Pale TintBrow ~smokey + Freckles
+Hair, Black Lip, Freckles, Liner
+Purple eyeshadow

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