Monday, November 1, 2010

Skin IrEn Anastasia

.:Anastasia:._glow_base +::::Dimples::::_glow_right 1
.:Anastasia:._glow_base +.:Teeth:. 2
.:Anastasia:._glow_base +::::Lipgloss::::

.:Anastasia:._glow_base +::::Blush::::_glow
.:Anastasia:._glow_base + ::::Make Up:::: V2_Eyeliner

.:Anastasia:._glow_base_freckles + ::::Make Up:::: V2_blackish

Notes: This is a basic skin, all Makeups and edditions that are included are on Viewer 2 Tattoo Layer.
This Skin comes in 5 Skintones ( Base+Freckled version), with 7 Makeup layers,lipgloss, Prim lashes, tattoo with and without face tattoo,
Blush, 2 kinds of Teeth and 4 kind of dimples.. Get this Pack for 1200 L$
Shape: Noirilicious Novita
Eyes: Eyes Gracia -BrightBlue- *REDGRAVE
Lashes included with skin
Hair: TRUTH Tamina Streaked - night

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