Saturday, July 10, 2010


Shape: Noirilicious Sofia
Skin: Lara Skin-Lucy natural gloss
Eyes: MADesigns eyes of TRUTH - saturated pale - flaky wood
Hair: TRUTH Layla Streaked - champagne
Dress: tram Antique linen op(beige)
Shoes: tram Carnation Flats
Necklace: tram leather frilled necklace(w*w)
Ear Cap: *+* PUKU-PUKU*+* Ear Cap Gift
Band aid and fan: *+*PK2*+* JINBEI (OR) F - Lucky Board


KawaiiNicole Piers said...

You always make me want to buy new skins :)

Noir said...

hahaha am sorry :$ LOL!
I'm a skin addict. <3