Thursday, January 7, 2010

The beginning..

Sophia Harlow got retro and show some “then and now” pictures. Made me want to look into my own "past" ^^. So here it goes :D

It all started 732 days ago (was 2 years yesterday!!) A friend and I got bored of this other game (LineageII) and decided to try the "game" people were so shocked about where you could have virtual sex! We HAD to see it with our own eyes lol.

So I made my first toon, by the time I learnt how to take a screenshot on SL I looked like this (which was like a day later and millions of freebies passed to my inventory by random kind helpers)

3 days later I discovered stores and someone was kind enough to give me 25L$ to buy a hair from ETD that was on sale! My first bought item and I was the happiest pixel girl alive :P

Two or three weeks after we joined, my friend got bored and left SL. Soon I got bored without him and left as well. A year later I decided to come back. Didn't remember my account so made this new one and soon was looking like this:

I still think that Redgrave skin is one of the sweetest skins I've seen on SL. Now I change my looks all the time because of my blog, but I could say this is my "official" version (Belleza skin) :)

Thank you Sophia for making us go back in time. Feel nostalgic now.

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