Friday, May 24, 2019

You are falling to the stars.

[theSkinnery] Anouk (Genus Applier) brownie @Shiny Shabby
[theSkinnery] Kissed by Sun Freckles
Ade - Kim Hairstyle (Ombres) @Tres Chic Gift
Sorumin Spring Jumpsuit @Flora Event
amias- ZOYA hand gold R - Maitreya
**RE** Prix Necklace @FaMeshed Gift
amias- IONE nails RARE1 - Maitreya
.SugarBun. Bow Hairclips - Pink @Tres Chic Gift
THE OAK - Flower Sunglasses Gold @Tres Chic Gift
/andika[Take away Galato] Gift

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

You've taken my breath from me.

.Entwined. Ashley browns
amias- ARIA dress pack - Maitreya
amias- SAL rings silver (engagement rings)
amias- TORE bracelet
amias- SALIH -Rings
[ILAYA] Sofia Earrings

Cheeky Pea Taula Gazebo (hud with texture options)
Cheeky Pea Taula Birdhouses
Cheeky Pea Taula Heart Saying
Cheeky Pea Taula Relaxed Chair (Adult/PG) (hud with texture options)
.IONIC. Floating lights @TC4
.IONIC. Bday Balloons & Garlands - RARE @TC4
Cheeky Pea Taula Table (hud with texture options)
.IONIC. Bday cookies (strawberry) @TC4
.IONIC. Bday Muffins @TC4
.IONIC. Balloon bday cake @TC4
.IONIC. Marshmallow pops! @TC4
.IONIC. Strawberry cones @TC4
.IONIC. Bday drinks @TC4
.IONIC. Happy Birthday Cake! RARE @TC4
Cheeky Pea Taula Red Wine Bottle
Cheeky Pea Taula White Wine Bottle
Cheeky Pea Taula Red Wine Glass
Cheeky Pea Taula Lantern Small
Cheeky Pea Taula Chair (Adult/PG)
Cheeky Pea Taula Tulips
.IONIC. Confetti (Floor) @TC4

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sing your song, sing out for me.

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* "Vanessa" Mixedtype (On Genus baby)
[theSkinnery] Deziree Eyeshadow (Genus) Group Gift
DOUX - Babyrose Hairstyle
*Mon Cheri* *MC* Tampa Bikini Top - Lara
*Mon Cheri* Frayed Denim Hotpants / Fatpack
[Cynful] Ness Hip Piercing - Maitreya Lara @FaMeshed Gift
[Black Bantam] Southwestern Pineapple Soy Burger Decor @C88
Momento. Witch Platform boots @K9
amias- TORE bracelet R - Maitreya
amias- TRENA earrings
Pose by me